Chablis 2012 vintage

Most experts here in Burgundy agree that in 2012, Chablis produced 2 vintages in 1!!

Chablis has two sides: the Rive Droite and the Rive Gauche of the river Serein. All the grands crus and the best 1er crus are on the rive droite (Montée de Tonnerre, Fourchaume, Mont de Milieu, Vaucoupins…). On the rive gauche, you have premiers crus Montmains, Côte de Léchet, Vosgros, Vaillonns…

The vineyards on the “rive droite” are considered to be more precocious than the “rive gauche” and this was confirmed in 2012. The “rive droite” matured earlier but in bad weather conditions. Yield was lower than the “rive gauche”: 40 hl/ha compared to 55 hl/ha.

This is what the locals call a “year for the wine-grower”. Those who did well were patient and harvested when the grapes were really mature. Only 9 grammes of acidity were found on the 15th September. So the wise wine-growers waited. This is one of the reasons why there is such a gulf between those who produced great Chablis, with a cellaring potential, and those who produced early, empty and basic Chablis.

Here are some of the successes:

Jean-Paul et Benoit DROIN – 89800 Chablis – Chablis village white

Samuel Billaud – 89800 La Chappelle Vaupelteigne – Chablis grand crus Les Clos

Domaine du Colombier – 89800 Fontenay-près-Chablis – Chablis Grand Cru Bougros

Bernard Defaix – 89800 Milly – Chablis Village

Chateau Long-Depaquit – 89800 Chablis – Chablis premier cru Vaucoupin

Domaine des Hates – 89800 Chablis – Chablis Village and Chablis 1er Cru L’Homme Mort

Nathalie et Gilles Fèvre – 89800 Fontenay-près-chablis – Chablis 1er Cru Vaulorent

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