2010 Vintage

The 2010 vintage has the ominous task of following the great 2009 vintage. Things didn’t start well with a very cold winter spread over the whole of France. This didn’t help the early instants of the vegitative cycle.

Fortunately the weather improved dramatically in April and helped shape this excellent vintage. But it wasn’t all smooth running and the winemakers task of timing the harvest would make the difference in the end.

Infact the summer weather was short-lived as in June storms, rain and cold conditions hit the region. Early July proved better but again the bad weather set in. Just when the winemakers were dreading the inevitable, great weather showed up and – for those estates that showed patience – transformed the harvest into a success.

The Pinots produced a “classic pinot” structure and the “chardonnays’ had just the right amount of acidity and a touch of minerality.

Beaujolais produced an excellent vintage…

Pinot Noir – 16/20

Chardonnay – 17/20



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