2007 Vintage

This was probably the trickiest vintage over the last 20 years. They say the number 7 brings bad luck, especially when you take the years 1977, 1987, 1997 as being particularly average harvests.

This year showed a precocious winter and the rest could be qualified as “Nightmarish”. The vines suffered all the illnesses associated with vines: mildew, oidium and botrytis. From the 20th August, the good weather set in but during the harvest, the winemakers had to do a strict selection to take out the bad grapes…thhis inevitably lead to lower yields.

The result are Pinots that are best drunk early (so don’t keep for too long) with nice fruit, in particular in the Côtes de Nuits.

The Chardonnays were globally satisfactory especially in Meursault, Chablis and the Maconnais.

Pinots 12/20

Chardonnays 13/20

My advice: Drink 2007 now and by 2016 at latest

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