Where to find Dijon’s best mustard…in Burgundy!!!

Fallot mustards
Fallot mustards

If you think that all mustard labelled “Dijon Mustard” comes from Dijon, then I’m afraid you’ve been misled. Unfortunately the term Dijon Mustard has not been protected and so you can make mustard in any part of the world and call it “Dijon Mustard”. In fact most of the mustard seed that are used to make Dijon mustard come from Canada!!

However, do not dispair. There is one traditional, family-run mustard factory that I would recommend and that is the “Edmond Fallot Moutarderie” in Beaune.

The Edmond Fallot mustardary is the last great independant mustard mill in Burgundy. This mustard factory has been in the Fallot family since 1840 and it’s still located on its original premises in Beaune (200m from the center).

The Fallot mustard factory is also the only mustard manufacturer to mill the mustard seeds with stone grinders, thus conserving all the gustatory qualities of the seed in the paste.

You can find a unique a original flavor experience by trying some of the 26 different mustards that they produce. All the mustards belong to Burgundy’s culinary heritage and are of the highest quality producing traditional and original flavors, the best examples of which are the Dijon’s “cassis” (blackcurrant) and “pain d’épices” (ginger spice) mustards.

One of my favorites is the Truffle Mustard – uniquely delicious and only to be found at their Beaune factory!

Where is the factory? 31 Rue du Faubourg Bretonnière, 21200 BEAUNE

Opening times: Every year from mid-March to mid-November from Monday to Saturday and on certain Sundays at 10am and 11.30am

Additional visits at 3.30pm and 5pm from June to September.

For more details consult http://www.fallot.com

Fallot mustard factory - Beaune
Fallot mustard factory – Beaune

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