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“This is our wonderful life and we want to share it with you…” – Jodi & Stephen – August 2022

So how did this happen?

Simple. When a seasoned international travel professional (Jodi) who is American, learns about Burgundy wine from a specialist (Stephen) who is British and living in France for over 30 years, there was chemistry!!

Jodi discovered another side of France thanks to Stephen: conversing with the locals, eating in their “bistrots”, visiting new places, showing how the French live, taking time to enjoy life…what the French call “la vie” and everyone else calls “THE LIFESTYLE”!

It was just a question of “authenticity”…

…and it gave birth to WineTime France.


WineTime France gives you the opportunity to live a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Join us and create YOUR unique French “lifestyle”.

EXPERIENCE CURATORS | Let us help you prepare your perfect “lifestyle experience” in France. Wine and food are a “must”, other “new” activities recommended, perfect accommodation is essential, a great time guaranteed.

SMOOTH OPERATORS | We want your experience to be such a success, that you forget about us!! However, we will always be around. As they say, the best organisors are “the ones you don’t see”. 

TRUSTWORHTY PARTNERS | Yes, of course, we are not alone. To make this successful all over France, we have a “family” of partners. They step up and provide, when we can’t. This makes the experience work. Trust us, trust them!

Want to find out more? Please contact Jodi or Stephen at: thirsty@winetimefrance.com
Website: http://www.winetimefrance.com

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