Burgundy 2014 vintage…the winemakers have their say: part 1

Now that the grapes haves been picked and the wine undertakes its hibernational period in the oak barrels, the winemakers of Burgudny can breathe a sigh of relief. After a difficult 2013 vintage, blighted with cold weather, rain and the now habitual hailstorms, 2014 is looking good, with reasonable yields and sugar abundant grapes. At last I see the broad smile of contentment.

Here are what some of the top wine estates are saying…

Lorraine Senard- Comte Senard estate, Aloxe Corton, Beaune

“Generally speaking it was a good harvest, but we had to work hard to get something special. Yield was down around 10%. Our best results came from our Clos des Rois and Bressandes Grand Cru vineyard plots.”

Jean-Louis Moissenet Bonnard – Moissenet Bonnard estate in Pommard

“A very mild spring, mid-August to harvest was perfect. The only blot on the landscape was yet another hailstorm on the 28 June which destroyed from 30 to 98% of the grapes in Meursault and Pommard. Nevertheless the harvest took place in perfect conditions, and in a festive spirit. Our first harvest of the Puligny Montrachet 1er cru Hameau de Blagny was very satisfactory with peachy and apricot aromas. Our Meursault and Auxey capitvate with their citrus tones, whilst the Pinot Noirs from Beaune and Auxey Duresses develop their customary blackberry and prune notes, and the Pommard its typical black fruit jam.”

Maxime Cheurlin – George Noellat estate in Vosne Romanée

“Very happy with the 2014 harvest. Although the quality is undeniable, the quantity is a little short. This is still a better harvest than the previous few years”

Virginie Taupenot-Daniel – Taupenot Merme estate in Morey Saint Denis

“We are delighted with the 2014 vintage in both quality and quantity. As I often say, until the grapes are in the vats, never predict the quality of the vintage. This year was no exception as the summer was pretty bad – cold and wet. September saved the harvest. Our grapes were healthy and we selected a little before the harvest as some grapes were attacked by the famous Drosophiles Zuzuki which could have helped develop acid rot. The results are very colourful wines, strong tanins and the beginning of a great “finesse”. But let’s wait and see…”

Jean-Louis Trapet – Trapet estate in Gevrey Chambertin

“At last a great harvest. Ripe grapes and the quantity too. Very promising vintage, but we have to wait and see how things evolve in the barrels.”

Sophie Wolliez – La Croix Montjoie estate, Vezelay

“Great harvest conditions, so we didn’t have to hurry. Only downside was the a loss of 30% of the harvest due to insects, small periods of hail and above all the peak temperatures during the flowering. But the most important thing is that of the quality of the grapes we harvested was very high”

Gérard Quivy – Quivy estate in Gevrey Chambertin

“Very satisfied with this years harvest. The grapes were both very ripe and in a larger than normal yield. The quality from our new vineyards in Fixin is also very promising. It can be compared to the 2012 vintage, although with a higher yield”

Jean-Marie Bouzereau – Jean-Marie Bouzereau estate in Meursault

“We were quite badly affected by the hailstroms of late June in Meursault, but overall the quality of the vineyards we harvested was very high and will give no doubt a very good vintage, but low in quantity”

François de Nicolay – Chandon de Briailles estate in Savigny les Beaune

“We were hit pretty badly in certain parts of Savigny and Volnay, but made up for it in Pernand Vergelesses and Aloxe Corton. A very good quality vintage in perspective”.


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