A glass of wine with…Jean-Marie Bouzereau, winemaker Meursault

I recently enjoyed a glass of wine with Jean-Louis Bouzereau, winemaker and estate owner in Meursault, Burgundy.
Jean-Marie is a descendant from a long line of Bouzereau’s living in Meursault, in fact their are currently 5 estates all family-related. They go back 10 generations!
He took over from his father in 1994 and manages a 23 acre estate covering famous appellations such as Meursault, Puligny Montrachet, Volnay, Pommard and Beaune.
Jean-Marie has suffered from the recent spate of hailstorms that have damaged many vineyards around his estate and reduced his harvest by around 50%. Nevertheless he keeps a cheerful smile and, wearing his trademark black beret, goes about his business of making delicious wines with the typical Burgundian reserve and optimism.

But beyond the wines, which are covered in a separate chapter, what are Jean-Marie’s passions in life? Well, he has several, starting with his wife and 5 children who help out on the estate. Jean-Marie is passionate about vintage cars – he has a custard colored 1970’s MG in the winery shed and he tries to participate in vintage car ralleys when he can.

He also loves traveling and spent time in the USA as an apprentice wine maker back in the early 90’s before crossing the entire country with only a 20$ budget per day. It still remains one of his best travel memories.

But what if he didn’t come from the famous Bouzereau clan? Which wine region would he have liked to work in?
“Maybe in the southern Rhone area or in Bandol in Provence (which I know my wife would prefer). Or else far away in South Africa, Chili or Australia.”

“Since you are a Burgundian Jean-Marie, what is your favorite local food?”
“Either snails picked in my vineyards or the famous Gaston Gerard cream and white wine chicken dish!”


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