Introduction to Burgundy Estates… Côtes de Nuits

This is always a tricky task as the choice is quite subjective…however, there are those that remain in a class of their own, which we’ve naturally included and those that are less well known outside of Burgundian circles, but are considered as quintessential Burgundy wineries. We will also be introducing some of the “new” and “future” stars of Burgundy.

This chapter will also be an eternal “work in progress” as new information comes my way. In this business, nothing is complete, as vintages and winemakers continuosly change  – which is why we in the industry exist…and have such fun!!

Marsannay-la-Côte estates…

Bruno Clair**** A “5 star” estate boasting 3 GC (Grand Cru) and 6 PC (1er Cru), covering 23 hectares and producing 110,000 bottles. If Bruno is the vineyard specialist, then it is his excellent winemaker, Philippe Brun, who takes control in the winery. They have worked together since the 80’s, and the results have continued to be outstanding. Bruno’s oustanding “signature” wine is his (1.7h) Savigny PC les Daminodes from 100 year old vines. He also has nearly 1h of GC Clos de Bèze which stretches from top to bottom of the vineyard, giving both finesse and power. His 2 PC in Chambertin, for which he is the most famous, are Les Cazetiers and Clos St Jacques.

Domaine Huguenot**  – Jean-Louis, the father, has been making medal-winning wines for some time. Philippe, the son, is a young, talented wine maker who has a promising future. He has managed to give each of his wines a specific personality and although they can be a little austere in their youth, reveal their true character after a few years. The estate has some excellent village appellations from Fixin, Marsannay and Gevrey and 1 GC. Production of about 130,000 bottles covering 22 hectares

Olivier Guyot** – Olivier, young winemaker, cultivates the “old” way but is slowly changing to biodynamic methods. 2 GC and 3 PC + villages from Marsannay, Fixin, Gevrey & Chambolle. Produces 60.000 bottles per year. To watch out for…

Régis Bouvier* – Young, respected winemaker. No GC or PC but lots of great village & rosé. Produces 90,000 bottles. When he can get his hands on some better terroir, could be a great bet!

Fixin estates

Pierre Gelin*** – In 2000, son Pierre-Emmanuel took control and is making rich, full-bodied wines. Sole proprietor of the famous Clos Napoleon in Fixin. 1 GC and 3 PC covering 11.5 hectares and producing around 60,000 bottles. These estate wines offer real quality and value and are infinitely preferable to some better known estates! Some plots have vines over 100 years old. They practice “non-official” organic methods.

Philippe Naddef** – Only 6 hectares but great quality old wines. Slightly harsh when young, but turn into excellent wines after 5 years or more. 1 GC and 2 PC. Total production around 22,000 bottles

Clos Saint Louis* -This 18 hectare estate is run by Philippe and Martine Bernard and produces 60,000 bottles of great Fixin and Gevrey village wine. Their Fixin PC Les Hervelets 2011 is an excellent expression of Fixon, with cherry notes, a mineral attack and some moka/earthy character with great length.

Gevrey Chambertin estates

Denis Bachelet** – Only 3.8 hectares producing small quantities of Gevrey but of a very high quality. 1 GC and 1 PC. Since his son’s arrival, Denis has hinted at expanding…watch this space.

Alain Burguet*** – Often considered a little abrasive, Alain has mellowed since his two sons joined him. 9 hectares with 1 PC. He is now purchaing grapes in Vosne and Chambolle, including a GC Clos de Bèze. Another one to watch.

Philippe Charolpin Parizot*** – 30 years of building an estate boasting 8 (small yield) GC. Check out his excellent Clos Vougeot, Clos Saint Denis, Charmes & Mazoyères-Chambertin. His enthusiastic son will help expand for another 30 years!!

Pierre Damoy*** – Is a cousin of his namesake who had less fortune with this estate. The new Pierre took over in 1992 and the changes have been incredible. With 3 GC (5.3 hectares of Clos de Bèze!) and a total of 10.4 hectares, he is the new generation, aka Mister Chambertin and destined to become a star!!!!

Bernard Dugat-Py**** – Cousin of Claude, extrovert and talented. 10 hectares with 4 GC and 5 PC. With his son he will expand and improve in the future. Power, elegance & finesse. 30,000 bottles.

Claude Dugat*** – Known by amateurs around the world, only 4 hectares means a low production. 6 hectares, 3 GC and 2 PC. Well-structured and powerful with great fruits and tannins. But you have to be patient…

Frédéric Esmonin*** – Young winemaker who is highly respected in Gevrey. Only 3.6 hectares for the moment but containing 2 GC and 3 PC.

Sylvie Esmonin*** – This young wine maker’s wines exude class and character. 7.2 hectares with 2 PC. There are even greater things to come.

Jean-Marie Fourrier*** – An enthusiastic wine maker making naturally intense wines on his 9 hectare estate. 1 GC and 8 PC.

Geantet-Pansiot***  – Friendly family who have gradually built up this estate of nearly 12 hectares with 1 GC and 2 PC. Dynamic estate whose wines give great pleaasure. 40,000 bottles.

Harmond-Geoffroy*** – Gerard Harmond is one of Gevrey’s stars, whose wines are very attractive young and age well too. Joined in 2003 by his son Philippe. 9 hectares with 1 GC and 4 PC producing 30,000 bottles

Denis Mortet**** – Arnaud Mortet took over when his father died in 2006. The estate already had a great reputation. Arnaud has taken it one step further. 10.8 hectares with 2 GC and 4 PC. 55,0000 bottles but so hard to find!!!

Rossignol Trapet*** – 14.27 hectares with 3 GC and 6 PC. After inheriting a poorly kept set of plots, they have made great progress. Approximately 70,000 bottles.

Armand Rousseau**** –  Not much to be said for this 5 star estate, boasting 6 greatly located GC  covering 13.5 hectares. With Eric Rousseau in charge…no comment!! 55,000 bottles

Serafin*** – Christian runs a small 5 hectare estate with 1 GC and 5 PC. Excellent 1er crus combining elegance and power…shame he has a small yield. Great if you can get them! Production around 30,000 bottles

Joseph & Philippe Roty*** – Making wine since 1710! Joseph is a discreet man who cultivates “his” secret. A great precursor in the 1980’s. 9.5 hectares producing 45,000 bottles with 1 GC and 2 PC.

Jean-Louis Trapet**** – A great traditional estate, run by Jean-Louis who has adopted organic cultivation. 16 hectares, with 3 GC (Chambertin, Latricières Chambertin and Chapelle-Chambertin) and 3 PC (Petite-Chapelle, Clos Prieur et Capita – which reunites 3 plots: Combottes, Corbeaux and Ergot). Elegance & quality, combined to dedication. A true Gevrey estate! 85,000 bottles. Jean-Louis’s wife Andrée, owns an estate in Alsace producing 4 Grand Crus and excellent village Riesling and Gewurtraminer.

Quivy** – A gem, such is the beauty of the estate and the quality of the wines. One of Burgundy’s best kept secrets. 7 hectares with 2 GC and 1 PC. Run by Gérard and Christine. Approximately 30,000 bottles.

Marchand Freres** – Run by two brothers Denis & Jean-Philippe, the 7.5 hectares produce around 30,000 bottles with 3 GC and 5 PC. Great value-for-money Burgundies!

Heresztyn-Mazzini** – Florence & Simon produced their first vintage as the new generation in 2012 and people are already taking note. They both have a lot of experience. 11 hectares and 50,000 bottles. 2 GC and 7 PC well worth buying! To follow…

Tortochot** – Chantal Tortochot is an intelligent and charismatic estate owner. Gave up her finance job with an American petrol company to run the family estate in 1996. She has transformed the estate wines to organic (oficially from 2013 harvest) and has created her particular signature – a bold yet classy Gevrey style. The 11 hectare estate boasts 4 GC and 3 PC of very high quality great value-for-money wines. 60,000 bottles produced.

Morey-St-Denis estates

Arlaud** – Run by the energetic Cyprien since 1998, this estate boasts 4 GC and 8 PC. Finesse, elegance, freshness and aromatic wines that will only improve with time as the new incumbents make their mark.

Robert Groffier*** – Nearly 8 hectares of vines, with 2 GC and 4 PC. 3 generations of some of the finest wine makers in Burgundy. Robert believes in giving pleasure through his wines…supple, ripe fruits, impressive finesse and harmonious tannins. A must…

Stéphane Magnien*** This is a small 4.5 hectare estate, where the youthful Stephane has worked magically, creating high facture, elegant and suave organic wines. The Morey Saint Denis 1er cru  Aux Petites Noix is a dream! One to follow.

Dujac*** A prized estate. Over 15 hectares with 7 GC and 6 PC. Thanks to Jacques Seysses’ work and skill, Jeremy (who now runs the estate), can continue to make these superb Burgundy wines. Unfortunately with a high export market, these wines are hard to find!

Des Lambrays****– The estate has existed since 1365, now owned by a German family, the vineyard is run by the excellent Thierry Brouin, who has overseen an incredible turn-around in quality. 10.7 hectares producing over 40,000 bottles of the great Clos des Lambrays GC (8.6 hectares) and some wonderful 1er crus (4) including Puligny Montrachet.

Ponsot**** – The emblematic Laurent Ponsot has run this estate since the 80’s. 11 hectares with 7GC and 3 PC including the surprising 1er cru Mont Luisants, made from the Aligoté grape. His wines are among Burgundy’s best. However, difficult to purchase as seen as something of a rarity.

Perrot-Minot*** – This is a rejuvenated family estate – like many others – thanks to Chistrophe Perrot-Monot. 11.2 hectares, with 2 GC and 9 PC Christophe produces consistently good wines. Production around 50,000 bottles. One to seek out.

Clos de Tart**** – This one owner “monopoly” estate has been in the hands of the same owners since the 13th century. But thanks to the expert hands of Sylvain Petiot, the 7.5 hectare estate has found its true GC status. Since 1999 it is considered one o the best in Burgundy.

Chambolle-Musigny estates

Amiot-Servelle*** – Christian Amiot transformed this family estate from the 80’s. 7 hectares of fine wines, 5 PC, a Chambolle village and some excellent Regional appellations. Christian also make some rare but delicious chardonnay. 1er Crus include the famous plot “Les Amoureuses” often seen as GC status. This estate is worth checking out. His daughter Prune, will soon be taking over. Production around 30,000 bottles.

Ghislaine Barthod** – Ghislaine is a woman of immense quality and a conscientious wine maker, using the full potential of her 6.7 hectares. Mainly 1er crus (8) of fairly old vines. Ghislaine has been in charge since 1987.

Louis Boillot** – Lucien is married to Ghislaine Barthod (above) and has been running his 6.8 hectare estate since 2002, bringing it into Burgundy’s 1st devision. 6.8 hectares with 8 PC covering Gevrey, NSG, Volnay & Pommard. 30,000 bottles of one of the finest selection of 1er crus in the region.

Jaques-Frédéric Mugnier**** – Frédy is a very fine winemaker who brings care and intelligence to each vintage resulting in consistantly elegant wines. 14.4 hectares with 2 GC and 4 PC producing about 60,000 bottles.

Georges Roumier**** – Christophe Roumier has gone beyond his father’s capabilities producing very high quality and consistent wines with unique identities which are reliable in both great and lesser vintages. 12 hectares of prime Chambolle vines, producing 5 excellent GC and 4 PC producing around 40,000 bottles a year. His wine is truly “Magistral”.

Comte Georges de Vogué**** – 1986 saw the arrival of the dynamic team of Millet, Bourgogne & Pépin. They have retsored this estate to its former status, a worthy feat, considering the ancient history linked to this estate. 12.4 hectares with 2 GC – Bonnes Mares (2.6h) and Musigny (6.4h) and producing 36,000 bottles in total. In greater vintages their Musigny can be considered as one of Burgundy’s rare treasures.

Gilbert & Christine Feletig** – The 3rd generation who are making some remarkable wines including Chambolle, NSG and Vosne. 4 PC and a production of 50,000 bottles. Not that well known, but one to look out for if you like good, full-bodied Pinots.

Hudelot-Baillet** -4 generations of Hudelot and a wedding, 8.5 hectares with 1 GC and 2 PC. The wines have both elegance and finesse – pure produce of Chambolle. A dynamic and friendly couple with a great future ahead. Produce about 30,000 bottles.

Vougeot estates

Bertagna*** – Thanks to the skills and guidance of Eva Reh, this large (20 hectare) estate has 5 excellent GC and 7 PC covering not just Vougeot, but also Corton, Chambertin, Clos St Denis and Vosne Romanée. Reliable quality, the chardonnays are both forward and delicious and the Pinots are great but need time. 80,000 bottles produced.

Alain Hudelot-Noellat*** – Alain has made this estate one of the best in the Côte. He nears retirement but the next generation are ready to take it forward. Only 6.6 hectares but 3 superb GC (Vougeot, Richebourg, Romanée-St-Vivant) and 6 PC. To sum up his wines are full of charm and exuberance yet with considerable depth. Produces around 30,000 bottles.

Vosne-Romanée & Flagey Echézeaux estates

Robert Arnoux**** – This is one of the very best domaines in an exceptional village. Pascal Lachaux took over at 23 from Robert Arnoux in 1985. His influence cannot be underestimated. Skill, patience and now the results. Great finesse and remarkable length in all his wines. 12 hectares on which he has 4 GC and 5 PC. Extraordinary!

Sylvain Cathiard*** – Sylvain took over in 1986 this small, 4.25 hectare estate. 1 GC and 6 PC of which the 4 Vosne are the domaine’s finest. A small family affaire which will – I hope – soon acquire more vineyards to respond to increasing demands.

Bruno Clavelier*** – Bruno took over in 1987 at the age of 23. The changes have been more than noticable on this 6.5 acre estate. 1 GC (Corton) and 6 PC of consistently high quality. The Vosne Aux Brulées & Les Beaux Monts are worthy of mentioning. Bruno just needs to get some GC in the Côte de Nuits to be amongst the very best. Produces around 30,000 bottles.

Confuron-Cotétidot*** – This is a traditional family estate still presided over by Jacky (70’s)! They make exciting, characterful wines that are immensly enjoyable after a few years. 4 GC and 5 PC covering 10.4 hectares. Production around 45,000 bottles.

D’Eugénie (ex René Engel)*** – Bought by François Pinault (owner of Chateau Latour) in 2006. Caused quite a stir! 7.5 hectares with 3 GC of which 1.36 hectares of Clos de Vougeot – and .5 Grands Echézeaux, their flagship wine. 22,000 bottles produced.

Forey Père et Fils*** – Run by Régis Forey, this family estate used to rent La Romanée GC from Liger Belair family until it was taken back. They have an 8.6 hectare estate with 2 GC and 5 PC but also some great village and regional appellations. A traditional family estate destined to produce great wines.

Jean Grivot**** – This is one of the finest estates in the Côte d’Or, run by its perfectionist owner, Etienne Grivot. Blessed with 3 excellent GC and no less than 9 PC, mainly from Vosne Romanée covering 12.3 hectares. The estate’s finest wine is no doubt the Richebourg. 60,000 bottles produced and still so rare!

Anne Gros**** – A small estate (6.4 hectares), run by one of the most admired winemakers, Anne Gros. 3 GC including nearly 1 hectare of Clos de Vougeot. She also bought vineyards in Corbières region and is seeing equal success.

Gros Frère et Soeur*** – Bernard Gros has youngish vines planted in the 1980’s. 20.6 hectares with 4 GC and 2 PC. His wines are full bodied and gutsy and therefore very reliable.

Michel Gros*** –  Michel is the older brother of Bernard and is a conscientious, traditional wine maker from a long line of the Gros family. With 23.3 hectares he has a big domaine but only 1 GC (Clos de Vougeot) after the domaine was split amongst the children. All the Gros family’s vineyard ooze quality. Michel is no exception. He has 3 PC including 2 hectares of Vosne Romanée Clos des Réas (a monopoly). Great when young, excellent when older.

François Lamarche*** – After François Lamarche passed away last year, his two nieces, Nicole (the vines) and Nathalie (sales) took over. 11.2 hectares including 4 GC with the famous La Grand Rue and 5 PC. Charm and elegance prime over tannins according to François’ philosophy. Nicole’s vintages are begining to prove just that.

Comte Liger-Belair**** – 7th generation Louis-Michel has been in charge since 2000 and in a few short years has recreated this fine domaine. In the 1930’s the estate was put up for auction, which is why it is only 5.5 hectares. Fortunately they managed to buy back such wonderful GC such as La Romanée (Monopoly) covering only .85 hectares. Louis-Michel who believes in making “drinking” and not “tasting” wines, full of finesse and elegance, will ensure the estate has a succeful future.

Leroy**** – Owned by the charismatic Lalou Bize Leroy (her sister and Japanese partner), this 22 hectare estate is the gem in Burgundy’s crown. 9 GC (inculding 2 hectares in Clos de Vougeot) and 8 PC, a past master in the art of Bio-dynamic cultivation, Lalou Bize has pushed the boudaries of wine making for many years. No adjectives can really describe the quality of her wines. Chapeau Madame!

Méo-Camuzet**** Jean-Nicolas Méo and Christian Faurois make charmingly rich and classy wines, showing both their delicate side and their finesse. Nothing bold here. Just a first class estate covering almost 20 hectares with 4 GC (of which 3 hectares in Clos de Vougeot) and 10 PC.

Mongeard-Mugneret*** – A very large (30 hectare) estate run by Vincent Mongeard. 4 GC including 2.5 hectares of Echézeaux. 8 PC of decent sizes. His style is full-bodied & gutsy – in keeping with Vosne’s terroir. He has 3 daughters in their 20’s who will soon be joining him. The future looks bright, so one to watch out for.

Georges Mugneret-Gibourg*** – Run by the wife of the late Georges Mugneret and his two daughter, Marie-Christine and Marie-Andrée, this female trio make wines of great quality and style on their 8.3 hectare estate. 3 GC including 1.2 hectares of Echézeaux, but the Ruchottes-Chambertin is the star.

DRC***** – Domaine de la Romanée-Conti is the uncontested star of Burgundy. 11 GC covering almost all the 29 hectares. AUbert de Villaine’s biggest challenge has been the progressive adoption of biodynamic viticulture. Yes, these are really exceptional wines and  I think it would be best to sum up his wines as “l’expression la plus pure du terroir”…

Emmanuel Rouget*** – A clever and conscientious wine maker who has his reputation for disliking clients (although he is mellowing with age), but making excellent wine . He is very secretive too, so it’s difficult to know what he really possesses. My advice, if you can find some, don’t hesitate, buy it.

Jean Tardy et fils** – A small, 4.2 hectare estate run by the son of Jean Tardy – Guillaume. It has 1 GC – Echézeaux which has a rich and oaky texture with fine tannins and fruit. The rest are village with an excellent Vosne-Romanée Les Vigneux. Guillaume is slowly transforming the estate and is certainly one to watch out for…especially if the estate increases in size.

Armelle & Bernard Rion** – run this estate with their daughter Alice and have 1 GC (Clos de Vougeot) and 4 PC. The family estate dates back to 1896 and the family make great value-for-money wines for Burgundy amateurs.

Michel Noellat*** – 5 generations and 27 hectares in prime Vosne Romanée. There are a few Noellat’s in Vosne, but this estate pips the others at the post in 2012 with his NSG 1er Cru Les Boudots…just this Pinot is enough to want to buy all the others! They also have a great Echézeaux, Vosne Romanée village and 1er cru Les Beaumonts. A must!

Nuits St Georges & hinterland

De l’Arlot** – This original early 18th century was reinvented and now owned by the insurance company AXA. Olivier Leriche has been running the estate since 2007 and it is made up of 1GC (Romanée-St-Vivant) and 3 PC notably the Clos l’Arlot monopoly and the Clos des Forets. This estate also has 2 hectares of NSG white “Clos de l’Arlot” which is remarkably classy, rich and floral and uses the Pinot Beurot white grape. 13.85 hectares and a promising future for the estate.

David Duband**** – no presentation really needs to be made. A highly successful wine maker from Chevannes, who has been making wine since his early twenties and thanks to an intelligent partnership with the businessman François Feuillet, has acquired some excellent GC & PC plots. He has a 17 hectare estate and produces exellent Echezeaux, Clos de Vougeot, Clos de la Roche and Charmes Chambertin. But what is impressive about David’s wine is that every appellation is excellent including his famous Hautes Côtes. A star that will continue to shine for a long time…

Bertrand Ambroise*** – Bertrand, Martine, Ludvine & Francis, all make up this 17 hectare family estate that Bertrand has run since 1987, although the estate dates from the 19th century. Attention to detail, green harvests and low yields to produce fine ripe berries which translates into excellent Pinots, full of luscious fruits, expressives tannins and great balance. Althoough not one of the most known estates, definitely one not to miss with excellent NSG, Svaigny and GC such as Corton Charlemagne & Echézeaux. Production around 100,000 bottles.

Robert Chevillon**** – This is the yardstick by which NSG pinots are to be measured. Robert Chevillon possesses 13 hectares and 8 1er crus from both north and south of the village, displaying all the characteristics of their terroir. In the 1990’s his two sons (Denis & Bertrand) took over and are matching their father’s skills and expertise.

Jean-Jacques Confuron*** – This estate is run by Alain & Sophie Meunier, both winemakers and both convinced that great Burgundy relies on ripe berries (so great fruit) rather than heavy tannins. 8.4 hectares with 2 GC and 4 1er crus including a delicious Vosne-Romanée Les Beaux Monts. The Clos de Vougeot & the Romanée St Vivant are master pieces. Production around 45,000 bottles.

Vougeraie*** – A large estate owned by the Boisset family and run by Pierre Vincent.  34 hectares of which 5 are whites. The estate produces around 120,000 bottles per year and boasts 6 GC of which Les Bonnes Mares and Musigny are considered exceptional. The Vougeot 1er cru white Clos Blanc is rich, spicy, delicate and yet tonic. Pierre has showed his true potential since he took over in 2006.

Faiveley**** – The estate owns 78 hectares in Mercurey and 37 in Côte d’Or. Erwan Faiveley has been in charge since 2004 and is the 7th generation. Thanks to Erwan and François before him, this estate is one of the best and most consistent sources of top Burgundy.

Henri Gouges**** – Another yardstick of great NSG wineries. 14.5 hectares with 7 top 1er crus. The estate is run by Pierre & Christian (two of Henri’s grandchildren) and his nephew Gregory. Henri was a pioneer in the 1930’s when he went against the negociants and started bottling and selling his own wine…this set a new precedent. Pierre & Christian have set the standards for a top-quality estate that the new generation seem more than capable of taking on. Production around 80,000 bottles.

Philippe & Vincent Lecheneaut *** – These two brothers share all aspects of work at the winery. Completely different characters, but both highly competent producing, on their 10 hectare estate, 1 GC (Clos de la Roche), making only a barrel!, but which is easily compared to those of Rousseau or Ponsot. They also make 3 PC and many village wines…regardless of appellation status, all their wines are of 1st division quality. Production around 50,000 bottles.

Des Perdrix*** – Owned by the Devillard family since 1996 (who also own Chateau Chamirey in Mercurey and Domaine de la Ferté in Givry), this 10 hectare estate with 1 GC Echézeaux and 2 PC, of which Aux Perdrix (3.45h) is almost a monopoly. There PC & GC show a rich spicy wine, with ripe, juicy friut, silky tannins and great length. The Devillard family can be proud of their achievements in such a short time. Production around 60,000 bottles.

Alain Michelot*** – Alain is helped by daughter Elodie in running the 7.7 hectare estate. This again is a fine NSG estate with 8 PC’s including the excellent Saint George, but also the Porets, Vaucrains and Cailles. Each has a different expression of the terroir giving either freshness and fruit (Cailles) or the deep, velvety, well-strcutures, well-balanced St George. Alain is a highly articulate, food-loving Burgundian. His wines are deisgned to accompany food, be drunk young, yet age very well. Production around 40,000 bottles.

De Prieuré Roch*** – Run by Henri-Fréderic Roch and Yannick Champ, this 11 hectare estate boasts 2 GC (Clos de Beze & Clos de Vougeot) and 3 PC. AN organically farmed estate with plenty of great Vosne Romanée, the best village wine being the Hautes Mazières – plenty of class and structure. They have 5 hectares of NSG Clos de Corvées from which they produce 4 different NSG PC. The best GC is the Clos de Vougeot which is rich, powerful and has great lenght. Henri-Fréderic has great pedrigree, being nephew of Lalou Bize Leroy and having worked for the DRC. He is having great success developing his own estate. Production around 50,000 bottles.

Henri & Gilles Remoriquet *** – Gilles has taken over the estate since 1976 from his father. The estate is run on organic lines, with 10.25 hectares including 5 PC (of which 4 are NSG). These are ripe, juicy pinots with great tannins, excepting Les Damodes – all finesse and freshness. A special mention for the Vosne Romanée PC nest to La Tache, which has a rich, sumptuous texture and can be enjoyed when young as well as older. The is now one of the best estates in NSG. Production around 50,000 bottles.

Daniel Rion et Fils*** – Daniel, born in 1931, has four children who ran the estate: Patrice, Christophe, Olivier & Pascale. Patrice, who made the wine until 2000, left to set up his own estate (see below). After a couple of shaky vintages in the mid 2000’s, the 18 hectare estate has been producing fine wines since 2005. 2 GC (Vougeot & Echézeaux) and 6 PC (4 in NSG and 2 in Vosne Romanée). Their style is more traditional witha mineral and fresh Hauts Pruliers and a more suptuous and juicier Vignes Rondes. The Echezeaux is silky and stylish whereas the Vougeot is more punchuer with good strong tannins. This state has a great future ahead. Production around 100,000 bottles.

Michèle et Patrice Rion*** – Patrice possesses a wonderful Bonnes Mares GC and some impressive 8 PC including Les Amoureuses with its close-knit texture, fresh fruity falovours and a long finish. Each PC represents its terroir with distinction. Patrice works organically in the vinyards and is a truly gifted winemaker. Since going alone in 2000 he has made consistently high quality wines. Production around 40,000 bottles.

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