Wines & Winemakers from Burgundy

In a region covering 70,500 acres of vineyards and with just over 3200 vineyards, the average size of a winery is about 20 acres (6-8 hectares).

Vosne Tasting Club is hear to showcase winemakers that are, in our opinion, some of the most talented in the region. They can be A-listers, that everyone knows, or future stars. They also may just be winemakers that appeal to us for various reasons.

Nevertheless, they all produce quality wines from any one of the 5 wine districts in Burgundy and also Beaujolais, which, as a neighbouring region just south of Burgundy, is also (sometimes) considered as part of the “bigger” Burgundy picture and merits a place on this website.

We will be adding articles gradually, so please excuse any omits on our behalf.

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