2008 Vintage

From the jaws of disaster a miracle in September saved this vintage.

This was a vintage that suffered all the attacks that Mother Nature could throw at it. Cold conditions, rain, hail and just until the 14th September, where an anti-cyclone settled in and allowed the winemakers to harvest – all be it in early October – and save the harvest.

It should be noted that the heat in October is not as strong as in mid-July, so the vines matured but only to the bear minimum. This gave some very good Chardonnays, who live off the higher acidity prodcued during cooler summers, and the Pinots were colourful, fleshy and crunchy (!!) but not powerful.

Again, some of the best Pinots will be found at top estates, reputed for the quality wines. Nevertheless, do be careful as other estates, cannot boast the same success and you might be dissappointed by the result.

Pinot 14/20

Chardonnay 15/20

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