2011 Vintage

The 2011 vintage has the handicap of following two great vintages: 2010 and 2009. nevertheless, this is a vintage for wine connaisseurs, with some excellent surprises for those who know where to look.

A complex vintage

The winter was cold pretty much everywhere in France, followed by a mild spring which allowed the vines to bud early. However, in July, the weather conditions plummeted, causing the advance made during the spring to slip away. Hail hit the Cotes de Beaune and eroded some of the yield.

Fortunately the sun came back in August and saved the vintage. The Côtes de Nuits came off best with the Pinots revealing a true “finesse”. The Pinots in the Côtes de Beaune were not as successful but the famous Chardonnays saved this district showing a wonderful aromatic side and not to heavy on the alcohol. Fresh and lively, Chablis was the big winner this year.

Since the yields were quite high, this is the vintage that is selling well at the moment…


Pinot Noir 14/20

Chardonnay 15/20

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