Domaine Jean & Sebastien Dauvissat – Chablis

This is one of Chablis’ “flagship” estates which goes back to the late 19th century. The entrance to this estate is “hole in the wall” door leading onto a beautiful courtyard, showing all the splendour of this 17th century house.

Jean Dauvissat turned this estate into a highly reputable and profitable one at the end of the 70’s, increasing prooduction to around 50,000 bottles and swerving away from the use of the “maisons de négoce”. Jean had an unfortunate accident which left his widow Evelyne, and his son Sebastien in charge. Fortunately Sebastien has his fathers gift in wine-making and the estate continues to produce fine Chablis.

They have a reliable Chablis “Saint Pierre” from a concentrated limestone soil and three premiers crus: Vaillons, Montmains and Les Sechets (which produces an excellent floral Chablis). They also have a small plot of Vaillons old vines, which is often compared to a grand cru. The vines are 65 years of age on average.

The estate’s grand cru is Les Preuses, next to Bougros grand cru. This excellent plot of almost 1 hectare produces a wonderful Chablis, often full of ripe exotique fruits during warmer harvests.

The estate is open to the public by appointment.

Domaine Dauvissat
1er crus at Domaine Dauvissat

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