Domaine Béru – Chablis

This is an estate that is worth a special mention. Even with its 400 year history, and subsequent decline after the phylloxera attack in 1876 and despite the hard work accomplished by the Count Eric de Béru until illness took its toll in 2004, this estate is like a Phoenix rising from its ashes, thanks to Eric’s daughter Athénais and his widow Evelyne.
Although the domaine Béru possesses only 12 acres, Athénais has converted the entire estate to organic culture. If you were to meet this young, determined lady, you could only be but impressed. Whilst giving you the impression that she has much work to do in her beloved vineyards, Athénais devotes herself to her guests, taking time to answer questions, opens a bottle of precious nectar from the estates small production, without the sign of a slightest frown.
Raise a question about the “organic viticulture” on the estate or more precisely about the Clos Béru – the family’s monopoly vineyard (sole proprietors) and Athénais’ eyes sparkle…it’s thanks to her enormous efforts and profound philosophy that only the best care and attention in a natural environment can produce the best wine – that the estate produces such fine Chablis – and that is organic too.
Athénais has a gift – she makes Chablis that would make generations of winemakers proud – going back as far as the 13th century walls of then”Clos Béru” vineyard and no doubt beyond…


Athénais Béru

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