Maison Nicolas Morin – Nuits Saint Georges – Burgundy

Who is Nicolas Morin? A very gifted young wine maker. Originally from the champagne region. Although he doesnt own his vineyards, all the grapes he uses are from organic vineyards with a strict production specification.

His wines are almost 100% natural (will be as from 2016). He doesn’t use mechanical pumps, just azote gas! He uses 80% full bunches with very little de-stemming.

His vinification technique is on the borders of perfection, with each wine expressing not only its terroir characteristics, but with a wonderful balance and gracefulness in each of his wines. Burgundy may be quite expensive, but here you are sure of both quality and expertise! He also has a small supply, so don’t hesitate!


Nicolas Morin (left) with client…
Liste des vins HT – Maison Nicolas Morin – Nuits St Georges Quantity available
 Price (all taxes included) per bottle (excluding delivery costs)
Bourgogne Hautes Cotes de Nuits blanc 2014 200                 14.40€
Nuits Saint George 1er Cru les Terres Blanches 250                 54 €
Meursault les Peutes Vignes 150                 27 €
Bourgogne Pinot Noir 600              12.60 €
Marsannay Les Genelieres 200                  25 €
Nuits Saint George 250              35.50 €
Monthelie 500              23.50 €
Santenay 1500                  20 €
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