Domaine Vincent Jeanniard – Pommard – Burgundy

Vincent Jeanniard is another young, talented winemaker, who is a long way from the stereotype Burgundy “vigneron”, with long hair and flat cap, reminding us more of a rock band guitarist than a winemaker. But don’t be deceived, Vincent studied at the Beaune agricultural school before learning his craft at the prestigious Henry Magnien and de Montille estates.

In 2011, just before the 5-year hailstorm tradegy hit the Pommard/Savigny vineyards, Vincent took control of the small vineyards belonging to the family in Savigny Les Beaune and created his own fine style of Burgundy wine.

Despite the difficult period of production due to adverse climatic conditions from 2011 to 2016 (most wineries lost the equivalent of 2 harvests out of 5!), Vincent held strong, producing some remarquable wines (his Pommard is out of stock, naturally).

Vincent philosophy is typical of many young Burgundian estate owners: hand-labour only in the vineyards, no chemicals and a respect of the terroir of each vineyard.

The wines:


* Bourgogne les Aures 2014 : a wine that charaterizes true chardonnay and with a low acidity.

* Haute Côte de Beaune les Chevrières 2014 : a racey chardonnay with a noe of acidity. White and exotic fruit aromas (peach, pineapple)


* Savigny 2012 :  notes of black cherry, pepper, slightly oaked with rounded tannins. Powerful yet balanced pinot noir.

* Savigny 2013 : An elegant, feminine wine with smooth tannins, expressing young red fruit aromas. Fresh and lively.

* Savigny 2014 : similar to 2013 with more prominent red fruit aromas and texture

* Bourgogne Pinot noir 2014 : an elegant Pinot, easy to drink with smooth tannins and a typical pinot noir character: small red fruits and cherry.


Domaine  Vincent Jeanniard
Price per bottle excluding deelivery costs
Bourgogne Les Aures White 2014              11.00 €
Bourgogne Hautes Cotes de Beaune White 2014 – Les Chevrieres              12.00 €
Bourgogne Pinot Noir              11.00 €
Savigny Les Beaune – Les Planchots 2012              17.00 €
Savigny Les Beaune – Les Planchots 2013              16.50 €
Savigny Les Beaune – Les Planchots 2014              16.50 €
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