New theme tasting experiences – here or at home!!

If you would like to experience a “theme tasting” here at Vosne-Romanée or from your home or place of work, Vosne Tasting Club proposes a selection of theme tastings for you to choose from, or you can even create one yourself…

How does it work?

A theme tasting is a wine tasting experience for 2 to 10 people which can take place at our Club here in Vosne Romanée or you can order it from us and we’ll send it to your home (or an address of your choice).

There are 5 bottles of wine in the theme tasting and you are purchasing the bottles as well as a commented tasting by one of our professionals. The tasting experience lasts about 1 hour and 30 minutes and if you choose to do it from your home, we send the bottles to your address well in advance and give you preparation tips to assure that the wine is at its best for the tasting. The tasting will take place using Zoom and you will be sent a link to log on.

The wines are chosen for their quality and pertinence for the particular theme tasting. You will find an excellent choice of estates and vintages as well as some of the finest vineyard plots.

For more information, check out our website:

One response to “New theme tasting experiences – here or at home!!”

  1. Monsieur La Plage Avatar
    Monsieur La Plage

    merci beaucoup, très interessant..! Il faut organiser un petit gouter..! A bientôt, monsieur le Docteur du Vins..!!

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