2019 Vintage – hitting the summits

Some wine experts are claiming that the 2019 vintage will be one of the best since 1865!!

What do we think?

Despite battling climatic conditions which produce its annual share of stress for the local winemakers – late frosts, summer heat waves – 2019 turned out to be fairly stree-free. Wine professionals feared the heat would affect the quality of the vintage, but surprisingly not. Despite being a hot and dry summer (very little rain), the wines showed an impressive freshness along with the intense body structure that we like from Burgundy wines.

Winemakers here are saying that these warmer climate conditions bring more tannins, more acids, more sugars and more aromatics to the Pinots. The Chardonnays have the richness and density as well as the intensity of the great 2014s with more of the generosity of the warmer vintages.

The wines are both rich and balanced. The whites show ripe citrus aromas combined with a bouquet of white flowers. The reds show dark, ripe red fruits (always a good sign for an excellent vinatge in Burgundy).

This vintage is now bottled and ready to be sold. Contact us if you wish to know more or purchase this vintage: welcome@vosnetastingclub.com

Domaine Nicolas

There’s a saying here that vintages ending in 5 or 9 tend to be fantastic and 2019 certainly proves this point. Only time will tell to see if it can be classified as a “centenary vintage”.

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