Why January is a bad month for business…

It’s funny, at the start of each year most people are very enthusiastic and full of new positive resolutions, both on a personal side as well as from a business perspective. 

However the reality is quite different. I have found the month of January to be very difficult, especially from a business perspective and I did some research to find out why small businesses like myself, are getting a tough time!

In January, people don’t pay the fees they owe, they don’t commit to projects and they don’t make decisions…why?


Some folks are still on holiday and putting off “back to business”

The cost of Christmas is still taking its toll.

End of year bills and taxes have torn into savings.

People have stopped drinking alcohol…which in my business is fatal!

It’s winter here in Europe and the weather is bleak.

It’s summer in the Southern Hemisphere, but having put weight on over Christmas, people keep themselves covered!

General morosity for music lovers (baby boomer gen) as iconic rockstars are starting to “push up daisies”

And of course, the IS are making everyone scared!

But never fear, it’ll soon be February. Good luck to small businesses and entrepreneurs for 2016!

Work hard & keep positive!

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