Beaujolais Nouveau trophies…who are the best?

The Lyon Beaujolais Trophy was an official competition created in 2001 to honor the “vin nouveaux” or young wines. To this day it’s the ONLY official competition for “vin nouveaux”.

Organized by the French Union of Oenologists, central-east Burgundy, the best Beaujolais and Beaujolais Villages receive special awards.

This years gold medals go to:

Cuvée les Gourmandises – Chateau du Chatelard

Doamine Girin

Caves des Vignerons de Bel Air

Les Pierres Dorées – Oedoria

Suntory Bio La Colletière (Duboeuf)

Vignoble Charmet

So if you’re lucky to find these in a store near you…then they are considered to be the best! Otherwise – and you’ll probably pay the full whack – it’s Georges Dubeouf – ( the founder of Beaujolais Nouveau) who will probably be your best bet.



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