Ham & Cheese aperitif platter pairing

What better way to keep an aperitif/dinner simple. Imagine, friends turn up at lunchtime or in the evening and you don’t feel like cooking. Make sure you always have some Italian hams and some great French cheese available:

Ham & Cheese platter
Ham & Cheese platter

Hams: Mortadelle, Grison’s beef slices, parma ham

Cheeses: Camembert, Tomme de Yenne, Bresse bleu, Old Comté

Wine: Beaune 1er Cru “Les Teurons”, 2007 from Pierre André estate in ALoxe Corton

A great pinot noir with a strong cherry & red fruit body, slightly spicy and with a hint of truffle. Perfect balance with both the hard cheeses (that like the fruit) and the ham that melts into the spicy and truffle.

Beaune 1er Cru les Teurons 07
Beaune 1er Cru les Teurons 07


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