When disaster strikes…

Yes, our region is going through a particularly hot summer (thank God), but there are sometimes disasterous consequences.

Last week a very violent hailstorm hit the Côtes de Beaune area, destroying up to 80% of the vines in Savigny-les-Beaune, Pommard and to a smaller degree, Pernand Vergelesses and Corton.

Some estate owners have lost all their 2013 harvest already: Moissenet Bonnard in Pommard and they “iconic” Bonneau de Matray in Corton Charlemagne…

The hailstorm lasted 15 minutes and the size of the hailstones? Marble size…

One can only hope that after a bad 2012 harvest (due to hailstroms) and a very weak yield since 2010, that this year’s harvest will save the burgundian wine estates. Nothing is less sure…

Vines in Savigny les BeauneBurnt grapes

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